Breastfeeding and the Law

Do you have questions regarding breastfeeding in public? Wondering what Washington State Law has to say about breastfeeding? Here are several resources to help you navigate those questions.

Washington State Breastfeeding Legislation

Breastfeeding Coalition of Washington

Legislation & Policy, United States Breastfeeding Committee


Breastfeeding and Jury Duty: State Laws, Court Rules, and Related Issues — This congressional report provides information on states that allow breastfeeding mothers to postpone or be excused from jury duty. It also discusses which states provide a jury duty exception for family caregivers or have pending legislation regarding breastfeeding mothers and jury duty.


Breastfeeding and the Law

National Alliance for Breastfeeding Advocacy

United States Breastfeeding Committee

Lactation & the Law, by Jake Marcus

La Leche League International

Breastfeeding Laws (Copyright © National Conference of State Legislatures)  — This publication has a comprehensive listing of the various laws enacted that relate to breastfeeding in each of the 50 states in the U.S.

Extended Breastfeeding and the Law (Copyright © La Leche League International)— This publication discusses the evidence in favor of extended breastfeeding and how mothers can cope with reports of abuse or neglect from people who think extended breastfeeding is abnormal or wrong.

The Breastfeeding Relationship and Visitation Plans (Copyright © La Leche League International)— This paper discusses why breastfeeding should be encouraged in family law cases, how to encourage the bond with the father without interfering with breastfeeding, and recommendations for visitation plans.