Breastfeeding Supplies/Products

Mother Nurture Breastfeeding supports that most breastfeeding pairs don’t need  anything extra; – breast + baby = perfection.

However, some times, breastfeeding tools can be of use in establishing and maintaining your breastfeeding relationship. For mothers in need of of these tools, an appointment with an IBCLC before deciding on using a breastfeeding aid or tool can help be certain that it is a right fit to your challenge.  Marianne brings a collection of various “tools” to help assist you if needed, including a professional-quality baby scale.  Should the use of a particular product or tool benefit you and your baby, Mother Nurture Breastfeeding might already have it available during your appointment.  If it is not in stock, a resource list of where to find that item will be provided.

Gift Certificates – A gift certificate for a consultation or product is available in any amount. A beautiful certificate with envelope will be mailed to your address of choice. Gifting a gift certificate to an expecting mom is a brilliant gift; and an even MORE brilliant gift to receive!!

Herbal Galactogogues for Supply:

Other Breastfeeding Tools: