Compliments & Love from Families


“Becoming a new mother is really hard work. After almost 4 years of waiting, this past August my husband and I welcomed home our baby girl, Lily. You always hear that motherhood is a hard job, but until it falls in your lap, you can never fully appreciate the weight of that sentiment. This is especially true for breast feeding. Not everyone has such a hard time, but we did. Difficulty latching, a bout of both Mastitis and Thrush, an open sore on my nipple, supply issues – the struggles went on.   In our sixth week, I had the extreme pleasure of meeting Marianne. We’d seen three lactation consultants previously. Because of my nipple pain, I was having to pump and feed Lily expressed milk. If any mother has ever done this – it’s time consuming! And that doesn’t lead to a lot of rest at night. It was my lack of comfort with the plan given by the hospital consultant that led me to dialing her number. Instantly I knew I loved her. She was so knowledgeable and supportive. She asked all the right questions and explained (in ways I could understand!) what her theories were and where we could start – and this was all just over the phone!   Marianne squeezed us in her busy schedule and I could not be more grateful – she may have been the fourth consultant to put fingers in my daughter mouth, but she was the first to discover that she was tongue tied! Six weeks of struggling and it was that little piece of tissue under her tongue to blame. She provided a referral to an equally amazing doctor and the next business day Lily had her tongue clipped.   We saw immediate improvement. It wasn’t a miracle cure, she had some new muscles to discover and relearning to do, but we were finally on our way. Marianne helped give me what I needed to build up my supply, gave us some exercises to help Lily with the new mobility in her tongue, and most importantly – got me on the road to rediscovering my confidence as a new mommy. She always answers my texts and offers the most amazing support and encouragement. She was there with a hug on the day I needed it most.   There is a strong emotional tie to feeding our children. Whether that’s through formula or breast feeding. We never want to see our little ones uncomfortable or hungry. When that goes sideways its hard not to take that personally as the mother. Marianne was the support I needed at exactly the right time. Without her support and guidance, I am certain my daughter would be on formula by now. Breast feeding was important to me, and now, we get our chance to go at it for real.   I couldn’t recommend Marianna more. She is knowledgeable, friendly, supportive, and encouraging. She was amazing with Lily. Always handling her gently, comforting her, and Lily responded so well to her care. I have never for a moment doubted that she had our back, 110%.   My daughter is getting the best possible start. As a new mom I now hold the tools necessary to move forward with more confidence. And this I owe to Marianne.   You always hear that it takes a village to raise a child, I am so happy that Marianne is in mine.”  New mama Sarah

Marianne, Thank you so much for your help…I can’t begin to tell you how grateful I am. After taking the goat’s rue for just a few weeks and using the wild yam cream for one week, I am noticing some major positive changes in my breasts. I’m already able to express a little bit of colostrum every day, at 30 weeks! That’s something I did not experience with my first pregnancy. I am feeling totally empowered and capable and confident that breastfeeding will be WAY more successful this time around, thanks in large part to you. Thank you!!  Tessa

“Marianne’s expertise, encouragement, love and support for our family has been invaluable. It is hard for me to even put into words how important her support was. I know we would not be breastfeeding today without her. I had an extremely long pre-labor, but I got to give birth in the environment that I hoped for. However, I do have to say the first two months have been more challenging than I could ever image. Our son, River is doing well. He is a beautiful, active, and healthy boy. However, breast feeding has been an incredible challenge. We had immediate latching problems and started working with Marianne from day 2. Having her come into our home was critical. Within the first week of his birth, River lost too much weight and so we tried everything. We tried finger feeding, SNS, and even had to go to bottles with formula until he gained enough weight. My supply got low because of his latching difficulties. Marianne was with me every step of the way providing incredible support and guidance. I am amazed how committed she is to our family and made herself available all times of the day and night. She worked we me to build up my supply. Meanwhile, she helped me as we got all sorts of treatment including cranio sacral, chiropractic care, frenulotomy, and osteopathic care. Things have definitely improved. I now have enough supply and River is primarily breastfeeding. I am so incredibly thankful for her and would highly recommend her!  Keri and Guy

My first daughter had zero problems breastfeeding, so this second time, when my son began to have problems, it caught us off guard.  On day five, I realized that we needed help with breastfeeding. My son couldn’t latch to nurse, was constantly fussy but didn’t like any bottle either, and was becoming lethargic. Feeling emotionally exhausted, and like a failure, I called my midwife in tears. She only had one recommendation for me – Marianne Ames.  Marianne really listened to our difficulties over the phone and confidently encouraged me enough to get me emotionally back on track. When she arrived at my house, she was easy to talk to, and having her help us was not awkward like I expected! She took her time, was very knowledgeable about BF issues, explained the issues clearly, and gave me practical tips to try.  By the time she left, I felt hope and strength to continue pursuing a BF experience. It has been a long road to working my son’s BF issues out and we have perplexed more than one healthcare professional. At 6 weeks now, we can see light at the end of this journey. I know, if it weren’t for Mariannes’ instincts and persistence, we would still be struggling to figure out why my little man couldn’t BF.All along the way (even now), Marianne has gone above and beyond to care for us, with visits and calls and texts, making sure I feel supported and educated.  I am very, very thankful to have her on my team, working on my behalf, and making a BF relationship with my son possible. We couldn’t have done it without her!  Thank you, Marianne!    

I just wanted to send you a special thank you this morning because today marks 4 months and 1 day that I have been breastfeeding this sweet baby. That is 1 day longer than I made it with my first child. I couldn’t have done it without you. I would have given up long ago if you hadn’t been there to hold my hand and encourage me along the way. With your knowledge and encouragement, you helped us get over hurdles of tongue tie, flow issues, and reflux. Thank you for always being available and for your gentle spirit. :)

“I’m very glad we called Marianne. She really took her time and cared for my wife.”  Shane


“After feeling defeated with breastfeeding my first child, and wanting to be more successful with my second, I sought help from Marianne. I’m so glad I did!  She is a wealth of information and gave me confidence that my past experience was not a failure and my furture experience was going to be even better. She has been such a great support with making house calls when needed, checking in every so often to see how things are going, or just being and ear to listen.  I am so pleased with my experience and believe you would be too.  Thank you Marianne!”  Kaydee

“Marianne’s help was a blessing. We had a sleepy baby, born two weeks early, with jaundice. On our second day home from the hospital my frustration was growing with the difficulty of keeping our little girl awake and latched for the every two hour feedings we had been prescribed as jaundice treatment. Marianne’s approach was educational, encouraging, and nurturing. She helped me feel confident in my breastfeeding skills and remained in contact to ensure that things were going well, including a follow up visit to address painful latching. When we hit another road bump with reflux Marianne quickly provided resources and suggestions for feeding our baby without irritating her sensitive system. Baby and I are still learning about each other, but my confidence in the process has been greatly augmented by Marianne’s council and support. I would wholeheartedly recommend Marianne again and again.”- From new mom, Ginger


“Miss Marianne Ames came into our lives 5 months ago when our son Cassius was born. Cassius was a homebirth and our 1st. The 1st week was extremely hard trying, as new parents, to figure out the ropes with a little one screaming and to top that off, my milk hadn’t come in. Through the wonderful community of people surrounding our birth experience, we were referred to Marianne. Day 6 of Cassius’ life, Marianne came to our home to help evaluate the situation and offer support. It was a very long trip for her to make as well as late in the evening, but she did and was very informative, and best of all made me completely at ease. I learned alot from that visit & was glad to have her as a resource for me!  Cassius is now 5 months and we have had quite the journey/battle with breastfeeding.. from not enough supply to an awful staph infection, Marianne has been a pillar of support & came to my aide in every way she could. I know how blessed we are to have her in our lives, I’m thankful everytime we talk or see one another. She is not only knowledgeable, she is a comfort. I literally dont want her to leave once the visit is up! Thank you Marianne for everything, I cannot express enough our gratitude, please know you will always come highly recommended from our family!”  Freedom, Sarah & Cassius Griepp

Thanks to you Linden is still going strong and nursing at 14 months! ♥

“Breastfeeding is awesome! It just seems so easy now. I love every minute I get to hold Max close and feel like every time I feed him, my love for him grows, if that is even possible to love him more than I already do. Just wanted to thank you one more time.”  – From first-time mom, Melissa


“Our little angel recently came into the world with some unfortunate nursing problems. She had an attached frenulum and tense facial muscles from a difficult birth; elements that made it incredibly hard for her to latch.  Marianne was recommended by our midwife as the “go-to” person in breastfeeding. After working with her, we can see why. Not only has she done miracle work with training our most prized possession towards normal nursing, but she has truly encouraged and trained us as new and inexperienced parents. She has worked with us every step of the way and checks in on our progress often. Marianne has become like a member of the family and we are so grateful there was someone with her skill and talent to guide us through our time of need.”  New parents Ian & Angela Edwards


“Oh my gosh, thank you so much.  I don’t know what divine intervention led me to you, but I’m gonna try all you suggested, but most of all you boosted my confidence.  Thanks again!”  – Kendra


“The first time I nursed my second son after he was born, I knew something wasn’t right. It was so much more painful then I remembered! At first I just wrote it off to my body getting “re-used” to nursing, but I also noticed that my son’s tongue seemed to be stuck at the bottom of his mouth. At his two-day visit with his pediatrician, I learned that he was tongue-tied, and he sent me to another doctor who could help by clipping his tongue. I hadn’t really heard much about this condition before, so I was anxious, but very eager for the excruciating pain to end, and wanted my son to get whatever help he needed to have our breastfeeding relationship be successful. We went and had his tongue clipped when he was four days old, but the pain continued even after the procedure. I knew something still wasn’t right, and I knew I needed help. In tears over the pain I was experiencing, I went to Google and the search results showed Marianne Ames. She returned my desperate phone call in a little over an hour and came out the SAME DAY to my home, which was a huge relief because I was still recovering from the birth and was very stressed by the pain and difficulty we were having. Marianne’s friendly and compassionate personality immediately put me at ease, and was so very comforting and affirming. I was extremely impressed by how knowledgeable she was about tongue ties, and she handled me and my son so very gently as she accurately assessed his difficulties and abnormal suck patterns. She worked patiently with us and I was able to experience a pain-free latch for the first time! She also gave me priceless information about gentle suck therapy exercises I could do with my son to encourage him to more and work his tongue, as well as tips about how to care for and protect my cracked, damaged nipples. But what stands out to me was her emotional encouragement, which I needed just as much as the medical help at that time. Marianne is a lifesaver and I couldn’t recommend her or her services more highly.” Nikole


“Thank you my dear lady!  My baby is right now nursing on my left side like an old pro.  You are a wizard!  So blessed by your time and gifting!” – From second-time mom, Sara


“I also appreciate your strong referrals — it’s nice to know the baby has been thoroughly assessed!”  Dr Elias Kass


“You are a miracle-worker!”  Bryan


“Working with Marianne as my LC has been truly amazing and has meant success for my daughter and I during our breastfeeding journey. She has helped us overcome so many struggles such as jaundice, a nursing strike, poor weight gain, oversupply issues, flat nipples and a tongue tie! Without her help, we would not have made it as far as we have, and I’m so grateful to have had such great support!!”  - Meaghan


“You reaffirmed my feelings about our baby & my knowledge that something could be better for our breastfeeding relationship. After not seeing you for so long I’d forgotten how much loving peace you have in your soul. Blessings” Becky


“After coming home from the hospital, I was so overwhelmed with breastfeeding and everything that came along with it. My daughter was having problems latching on (and no wonder she did with all of the contraptions the hospital sent us home with…syringes, tubes, etc.) She would get so frustrated and end up screaming for what seemed like an eternity. After the first visit with Marianne, it was like nursing an entirely different baby. She was relaxed, calm, and actually nursing…without the use of all of the contraptions! My husband and I were amazed. My stress level went way down and I actually began to enjoy nursing my little one, as it should be! Marianne was so kind, understanding, and extremely helpful with everything related to breastfeeding. I will definitely be recommending her to my other pregnant friends! Thank you Marianne!”  Jenn


“I could breathe easily when you sat down on the bed beside me, cooed at my baby and held my hand through my many tears.”  You were so loving and nurturing and then went to work!  Within a few minutes baby had found his way to the breast, latched on and started swallowing –that never happened.  You were there beside us, cheering us on, quietly supporting me and allowing us to discover breastfeeding ourselves. Thank you!” – From new mom, Jessica


“As a first time mom, Marianne was such a fantastic resource to turn too.  She helped to reassure me to trust my instincts and to trust my baby, I had no idea my baby was so smart and was communicating with me from the beginning!!  Marianne gave me the gift of her dedication, compassion and expertise– I wish I’d called her sooner, it felt so good to have someone on my side.”  – From new mom, Nicole


“Marianne was an absolute blessing to me and my family! I am a first time mom and had multiple issues breastfeeding my son shortly after his birth. I am so very thankful I was referred to Marianne and know that I would not be breastfeeding today (at 6 months) without having had her help. Marianne was extremely knowledgeable and taught us effective strategies to work through our issues. She was there for us every step of the way and did so with a genuinely caring heart. I would recommend her without reservation to family or friends looking for an LC. Thank you so very much Marianne!” Jennifer


“I am so glad  got the chance to meet with Marianne.  She is very personable and genuinely interested in helping us figure out our nursing issue.  She has great follow-up and I really appreciate her checking in to see how things were going.  I would and will recommend her in an instant!” - Christy


“Thank you so much for the time you spent with me today. I can’t even express how much all of your information and support helped! You are such a gem!”  – From mom of three, Brandi

247635_516473485047959_91851396_n“When my first child, Henry was born, the midwife noticed that he was tongue-tie. My doula recommended that I have Marianne Ames come to us.  For insurance reasons, Henry and I went to another lactation consultant.  She helped a little with latch and told me that everything looked okay. But as time went on, I began to spend more and more time nursing – I mean like eight hours of consistent nursing.  I began to break down emotionally and physically I could not handle breastfeeding any longer.  I called my midwife in tears.  She too recommended that I call Marianne. Marianne was prompt in getting back to me and came to my home the next day.  She was kind, loving and very supportive. She could tell immediately that my son’s tongue-tie was pretty severe and that my supply may began to suffer.  She showed me some new positions, recommended some supplements for me to take to boost my supply, and referred me to a doctor that specializes in breastfeeding tongue-tie, and a partner that specializes in infant cranial sacral therapy.  Marianne provided me with a written detailed plan of action.  The plan was so nice to have in hand after she left- it gave me hope that breastfeeding was going to be better. Marianne came back to our home after I saw the doctor for frenulum clipping and had a few therapy sessions.  She could tell that the frenulum clipping had improved his latch and method of sucking. During this visit she helped me to discover a VERY effective nursing position.  Words cannot describe how wonderful it was to finally be able to satisfy my baby.  If it wasn’t for Marianne, I would have given up breastfeeding, which would have been a very painful, sad, and disappointing decision.  I will forever have her to thank for helping me and my son continue to build a healthy, loving relationship. I would recommend her to anyone and don’t wait- call her as soon as you feel that something it not right.”- From new mom, Meghan

IMG_2290“Can I tell you I love you yet????  Things are already sooooo much better and I’m even able to pump now on that side! I’m going to continue pumping today then try nursing tomorrow and see how it goes.  It seems almost completely healed!  If only I could’ve found you weeks ago!  Thank you soooo much!!!!”  – From new mom, Rikki

“My breastfeeding experience has been a long and sometimes overwhelming struggle. But through the help and support of Marianne, I think my battle maybe coming to an end.  Marianne has been working with me and my daughter River.   She has had a number of great suggestions and tips that have helped to increase my supply. Now River is four months old I am confident that one day soon I will be able to stop supplementing all together.  Thank you Marianne!” – From first-time mom, Jessica


“I was blown away by how supportive and thorough Marianne was when helping us through our breastfeeding challenges. I can’t even put into words what a relief it was to have her on my side when things got rough in the midst of postpartum craziness. She even told me, “You’re not getting rid of us until nursing is going good!” –Just what a struggling mom needs to hear! She took charge, made arrangements and was strong and confident- again, just what I needed. She physically and emotionally held me during our hardest breastfeeding challenges. She truly is a “Mother Nurturer” and I am so thankful.” – From mom of two, Heathir


IMG_5027“Marianne is a very helpful, warm and compassionate Lactation Consultant.  I wish she had been available in the hospital in the first few days post-partum when I first realized I had milk production issues.  She was able to identify reasons for my issues based on prior & current medical history and prescribed multiple supplements to increase my production.  Over the last month the volume of milk from pumping sessions has approximately doubled.  She was also able to identify some latching issues and helped me to get these remedied. I highly recommend Marianne and her services to anyone that needs lactation help and support.” – From first-time mother, Astrid


“Your support was amazing! You really went above and beyond what I expected. After being confused, frustrated and disappointed with hospital lactation services things really turned around and soon we were nursing like old pro’s!  Thank you for believing in me, believing in us and not giving up!” – From new parents, Ingrid and Scott


“I was at my wit’s end and ready to quit breastfeeding.  I read dozens of book, every website I could find on breastfeeding and I had 3 other lactation consultants help me with my latch but it just wasn’t working for me and my baby.  He had lost more than a pound in the first couple weeks of life and I was experiencing severe pain around the clock.  Thank goodness I found Marianne who offered me hope and strategies, it was my last effort to save breastfeeding.  I found Marianne to be accessible, open, creative, determined and easy to talk to.  Now my son is almost 7-weeks old and we are on our way towards being a well-coordinated nursing couple – PAIN-FREE!!”  – From second time mom, Laurie


“This girl has connections – to all the resources, information and “know-how” to connect nursing mothers and babies to a lovely breastfeeding relationship!  Get her today!!” – From Christina, mother of 3


“Marianne was a tremendous help to me after my second child was born. I was only ten days postpartum and I was struggling to nurse because of the pain. As a childbirth educator, doula, and second time nursing mom I had gone through the standard problem solving checklist and everything looked good. I was at a loss. Marianne was gentle and listened to my needs without making me feel silly or stupid. She gave me a couple of really simple things to try, and within two nursing sessions it was like night and day. After 24 hours, there was no more pain and we were back on our way to happy nursing bliss. Thanks Marianne!” -From KC, mother of 2


“Finally, after seeing you I have hope for my baby girl and hope that we can breastfeed, thank you!” – From first-time mom, Kendhra


“Thanks so much for everything. I am so thankful that you were able to come out yesterday. It was great meeting you and I have high hopes that nursing will get better and more abundant. Thanks for the resources as well. All the best!”  – Kari


“Marianne is more than just a Lactation Consultant. She is a cheerleader, a source of inspiration and support. She approaches her job as more than a job but as a passion and breastfeeding as more than just mother to baby nutrition but as relationship that involves the whole family. I especially appreciate her candor and dedication to my family as a whole by explaining everything to my curious older children. Her continued support in ensuring we find real answers to our breastfeeding issues is invaluable. As a mom who has breastfed for the last 4 years, without issue, it has been extra challenging to come to terms with the difficulties my newest child and I have with establishing our breastfeeding relationship. Marianne has done more than troubleshoot with us, but helps me remember that breastfeeding may not always come easily but is (for us) important enough to keep working at it and searching for the right answers for us.” – From mother of 3, Jennifer


“Your organized, informative and comprehensive information on working and pumping blew me and my husband away!  You helped me achieve my goal of breastfeeding while returning to work full-time.  I would recommend Marianne again and again to any mom- especially if you will be working outside the home!”  From new mom, Kathleen


We asked for Marianne’s help with introducing our daughter to a bottle and we are so glad we did! She did an outstanding job educating and encouraging us after assessing our daughter’s feeding during a home visit. She reassured us that breastfeeding was going well and provided a wealth of resources to help prepare me to transition to work. We especially appreciated the support after our visit – she’s always available to answer questions and she provided suggestions that really worked. Our daughter went from crying at the sight of a bottle to taking one with a smile. We are very grateful for her help.” From new parents Katherine and Brian


“I am continually inspired by the passion that Marianne brings to her work with mothers and babies. She brings an open mind and an open heart to each mother-baby pair she meets. She has a vast store of breastfeeding knowledge, and a true love of learning and research. She is my most trusted resource for breastfeeding knowledge; and on the rare occasion that she doesn’t have my answer immediately at hand, she will know exactly where to find it. Her love for helping mothers and babies, shines through in her work.” Jenn Best, Birth & Postpartum Doula & La Leche League Leader


Thank you moms, dads, and babies for your kind words – I am so lucky to have worked and supported YOU!  Love, Marianne